Angel + Brandon's one of a kind engagement ring + wedding band set

We love Angel + Brandon’s love story and are grateful to be part of it. Brandon is my younger brother by one year + one month and I am so happy he found someone to love him in the way he deserves to be loved.

Angel describes him to the core of his being. Her words truly encapsulate who he is. It’s such a gift to be able to really see the one you love, and she does.

Unlike the other people in my life at the time, Brandon was real. To this day, I think that's the best way I could describe him. There's no fluff in his words; he says things the way they are and makes no apologies for being himself. We had real conversations, the kind that no one else was confident enough in their opinions to have. - Angel

Their love is big and fast and ever-growing.

We only dated for 3 months before we moved in together, adopted a dog, and jointly purchased a new car. Moving fast for most but perfect for us. I’ve never been happier. I can’t wait to see how this book unfolds. - Brandon

He had become the one I ran to, the one I couldn't wait to tell about what was going on in my life, the one I confided in, and the one I was the most "myself" around. - Angel

Out of the embers of the lives we had both been chasing, a fire quickly grew and we were forever changed.
— Angel

They were married on our Grandma’s beautiful property in Michigan that has been in our family for generations. It was beautiful to hear them read their vows to each other with tears in their eyes.

What we found in each other wasn’t what either of us had been actively seeking, and yet we quickly realized it was everything our souls needed to be content.
— Angel

We loved creating Angel’s beautiful yellow gold one of a kind engagement ring with a white diamond. It’s the perfect balance of classic and unique, so perfectly Angel.

The full bridal set incorporates two leaf rings, one yellow and one rose.

For Brandon we created our Autumn Groves design in yellow gold and engraved “you’re my person” on the inside.


It’s been such a joy to watch their relationship bloom into something so incredible. And just last week, a day before Valentine’s Day they welcomed a darling baby girl into the world. Emma James Easton in all of her perfection.

It was so heart warming to see my brother hold his daughter. What a moment.

Angel is already such a good mom. I can’t wait to see her raise an amazing girl.

I am so proud to call these two (and now three!) family. Being part of their love story that is ever folding is an honor. I love you Brandon, Angel + baby Emma. Thank you for choosing us.


We've made it a point throughout our relationship to not get bogged down with the "what if's". We are both firm believers in the concept that there will always be a reason not to do something, and we've gone to extreme measures to make sure that we don't allow that to prevent us from taking chances and experiencing life. My dad told me a long time ago, "There's no such thing as a right decision or a wrong decision. You've just got to decide. You really can't know if it was the right choice until much later. Not to decide is to decide to not experience anything." I like to think of that as my mantra for life, and I'm so glad that I've found someone who's willing to take the big leaps with me.

Here's to lots more adventures with my partner, my love, my best friend. - Angel

The Veronicas' Lisa + Logan Huffman's wedding in Vogue

We are so honored that the lovely Lisa Origliasso of The Veronicas chose us to create the wedding band her now-husband Logan Huffman. The love they have for each other flows from every image and makes my heart want to burst. They’ve been an absolute dream to work with and we are so grateful to have them as clients and tell their incredible love story. And on top of it all, their stunning wedding was featured in Vogue and we are over the moon excited about it. Here are some of our favorite captures from their special day on the Sunshine Coast photographed by Joey Willis.


Lisa wore a J’Aton Couture gown that absolutely took my breath away. Timeless.


The piece Lisa had us design for Logan was our Autumn Groves design in yellow gold.

I have never seen anything more beautiful. I truly have no words how unwrapping your beautiful pieces made me feel. Thank you so much for all you do and for making such sacred special pieces that reflect our love and story. I tear up looking at them.
— Lisa

The way he looked as he watched her walk down the aisle…

The absolutely STUNNING ring you created for me... I am so blown away, my loves. It is such an honour to wear. It feels magic when you hold it. I can tell how much love and passion you put into every piece.
— Lisa

We designed a band for her that features two leaves together, like lovers completing one another.

In the evening, Lisa changed into a second J’Aton Couture gown. And this one is just as beautiful.


Read more about their love story and see more captures from their wedding in their Vogue feature here.

Our Story by Wedding Photographer Nirav Patel

This month is our three year anniversary of this session with Nirav. I can't believe how much time has passed. I am flooded with gratitude as I look back through these captures. Three years ago we were still living out of suitcases, wandering the globe making memories and telling love stories. We had a traveling workshop that Perry brought along with him wherever we traveled, creating new pieces inspired by the ever changing landscapes we were exploring, telling the love stories of people we met.


Nirav has been a true gift to us and I am honored to call him a friend. Three years ago I came across his incredible work and was moved by the emotion of each capture. I reached out to him to inquire about him photographing our rings on a model, but he replied, "I want to photograph you two." I was honored that such an intentional, heartfelt photographer was interested in telling our story. 

We spent a weekend together among the redwoods in Northern California and along the breathtaking cliffs of the coast. He took us to his favorite town to see his favorite beach. He told us his story, and we shared ours. We talked dreams, passions, work, God, family — all the things that make life beautiful. I wouldn't trade that weekend with Nirav for anything. He will forever hold a special place in my heart.

When he sent us the photos he captured I was moved to tears. As I scrolled through the images I could see our love story unfold. I am so grateful that creating Rhodes Wedding Co. has led me to work with such an amazing soul. I will cherish these captures for a lifetime and the friendship that bloomed with Nirav has changed my life. I remain overwhelmed with gratitude. 

My hope with this session was to create something that they could keep and treasure for the rest of their lives, just as they do for their couples. After spending only two days with them, I’m convinced they’re some of the sweetest, most genuine people I’ve ever met and I’m honored to call them friends. We had honest conversations that will stay with me for years to come and I’m so incredibly grateful for the impact these two have made in my life in such a short time. Love you guys.
— Nirav Patel

Here's a look through just a handful of his stunning captures... Watch the full story unfold on his blog here.

Rhodes Love Story: Heirloom Diamond Engagement Ring

Connor reached out to us to make an engagement ring for a diamond that was his grandmother's — an heirloom that had been in his family for generations. We were honored he chose us to create this special one of a kind engagement ring.

He loved the branch texture of our Portland band so we worked that into the design of hand carved engagement ring and we have to say, it came out beautifully.

If you're interested in speaking with us about creating a unique engagement ring using and an heirloom stone (or having us source the stone for you), please don't hesitate to email us at We are here for you when you need us. 

On proposal day Connor took Devyn on the same hike where he first asked her to be his girlfriend. I live for love stories that come full circle like this — and we got to be part of it! He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him with the incredible Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop. Swoon.

She said yes and absolutely loves the ring. The best part of our work is hearing words like these...

Thank you so much for all you have done to create the most beautiful ring. I could not be happier with the way it came out! I am truly grateful.
— Devyn, happy bride-to-be

Now, enjoy these stunning captures by Iron and Fern of the incredible moment. I can't wait to see the wedding photos of these two love birds.


Rhodes Love Story: His and Her Wedding Bands

Our beautiful clients Brittany and Bronson were featured on Nouba and we're swooning. For Bronson, we created an extra wide Grade in white gold—it looked perfect on him. For Brittany, we designed a wedding band that fit around her grandmother's eternity ring. It was a double wedding band with a subtle Grade texture that she could wear on it's own or if she was in the mood for diamonds then she could add her grandmother's ring to fit in-between ours. We're so grateful to be part of this incredible love story. 

A cyclone destroyed their original wedding venue in Vanuatu and they had to come up with a new plan in just six weeks—but you would never have guessed it. They had a bohemian-style wedding in Northern Queensland, Australia and it was absolute perfection. The talented Oli Sansom captured their special day. You can see some of our favorite photos below. 

C2 Films captured this amazing day on film and you can watch it here.

Read more of their story and see more of Oli's captures on Nouba's blog here.

Rhodes Love Story: The Bright Side

"She said yes!" We love these words. Bob proposed to the lovely Sanaa with a 14k white and yellow gold custom designed engagement ring with a raw hand cut diamond. This was a very special piece for us to create. The details and vision that Bob had for this ring were truly inspiring. Sanaa is from Pakistan, so he wanted to incorporate the Islamic Star into the design along with an Urdu saying—"میرا روشن طرف"—which means My Bright Side. For the stone, he wanted it to have some imperfections, because in his words, "it symbolizes that life is not perfect, but beauty can still flourish out of even the most trying things." We were able to make his vision a reality, and it was such a beautiful thing to be part of. We're so grateful to have played a part in this incredible love story.

We hope this love story and these images leave you feeling inspired. If you'd like to have something custom created, you can fill out the form here or e-mail us at





The Life Band of Philippa Stanton

I've been following Philippa Stanton's art for her "5ftinf" for years and fall deeper and deeper in love with every capture. She is an incredibly talented artist that not only captivated me with her art but has moved me with her being, her heart. The way she looks at things and expresses her thoughts and musings inspires me to no end. She is such a kind and creative soul all the while being a strong force of and in nature. 

Capture by Philippa Stanton

Capture by Philippa Stanton

We're so honored to have collaborated with her to create a special piece that celebrates her life — the past, present and all that is yet to come. The Life Band represents being in the present moment, in love with life and living it to the fullest — and so much more — a promise to ourselves, and a reminder to make the most of here and now.

Here is a bit of her story and how the Life Band came about in her own words...

Since I got divorced I’ve never worn another ring but what leapt to my mind when I saw your website was that if I were to wear a ring again it should sort of be a life band, i.e.; like a wedding band, but somehow representing a promise to myself; to be married to life itself, and all the joys and problems it brings with it.

A ring is a living, moving thing; it would live with me and not just on me, and I will have to cherish it and look after it, like life.

This ring represents not being ‘married to myself’, but being ‘engaged’ with life and ‘married’ to gracefully accepting my existence within in it…”
— Philippa Stanton

Once she received the piece we had created for her, this was her reply that brought me to tears...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I absolutely adore what you have created...

I don’t think even I had realised what it was going to mean to me; the lines, the marks…everything on that ring I recognise as part of me and my journey as well as my security; those scratches on the table have been made by either me or my son over the years; making things, scoring things, accidents... and there they are on my ‘life band’.

As I’ve said before I don’t wear rings, but as soon as I saw this ring I absolutely knew I wanted to wear it forever ( something I really wasn’t expecting )…you have seen a part of my life and crafted it into the most beautiful thing ever and I can’t thank you enough.

The life band is for those single, divorced or married, as it marks your personal and independent presence in the world and is a reminder that not being perfect is part of being human and part of our journey…accidents and scars make up the whole and it’s important to acknowledge rather than forget them.
— Philippa Stanton

She has created a gorgeous series of posts on her blog about the story of her table and the Life Band. You can see all four posts here...

And if you would like a custom designed life band, please contact us at or you can fill out the form here.

Rhodes Love Story: Sara and Kyle

We created a beautiful custom designed wedding band for Sara's now-husband, Kyle. She wrote us with this wonderfully sentimental idea of creating a piece that resembles the walls of the Grand Canyon. Her and Kyle hiked their way through the canyon creating memories that we had the pleasure of carving into a ring. It was such a special piece to design and a inspiring love story to be part of.

Photo by Jonas Peterson

Photo by Jonas Peterson

Here is a bit of their story from Sara...

Kyle and I met in 2011, and we didn’t even live in the same state! I lived in western Wisconsin for a job at the time, he lived in Minnesota.

Our first date was a concert in Minneapolis, I made the trip for the weekend to visit a friend and it was a nice excuse to meet him. I was a bit nervous since we had gotten to know each other so well in phone conversations, and I didn’t know if the attraction would be there in person, but it was immediate and we had a great first date.

From there we continued to talk on the phone every night and started to trade off weekends visiting each other. I made the move to Minneapolis after 6 months and we’ve been together ever since, but it was a lot of winter driving through snow storms to see each other those first few months (that’s love I guess!).

We eloped so there was no engagement. On one of our long walks we had a very heartfelt discussion about what we both wanted and how we’d want to do it, neither of us wanted something formal and huge. I think being a little older too somewhat changed our perspective maybe. Kyle decided on Hawaii and that was that.
Photo by Jonas Peterson

Photo by Jonas Peterson

I contacted you to have his ring made after showing him your website. I knew I wanted something with significance for a design and we had just taken a 4 day rafting and hiking trip through the Grand Canyon so that was the basis for his ring.
Our day was so intensely romantic, very us, and extremely special. Oahu is an incredible place, the windward side of the island really stole our hearts. We chose a long stretch of beach on that side to have the ceremony. We walked about 3 miles along it the day before to pick the spot and just enjoyed playing in the waves.

The day started out stormy and cloudy. Kyle had always wanted to get married in the rain and he almost got his wish.
Photo by Jonas Peterson

Photo by Jonas Peterson

The ceremony was a traditional Hawaiian ceremony, we wrote our own vows and kept them a secret from each other. I started to cry after he read his because two of the lines we wrote practically the same things but in different words, so that was very touching.
Photo by Jonas Peterson

Photo by Jonas Peterson

Photo by Jonas Peterson

Photo by Jonas Peterson

If you would like something custom designed, please contact us at or fill out the custom form here

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The darling Anya Kernes captured a few of our custom, hand carved rose gold engagement rings and stackable pieces. I love her soft, muted tones paired with the beautiful pastels of The Mrs Box ring boxes.

Anya is wedding and boudoir photographer based in Los Angeles. She shoots for emotion and we absolutely love her soft and romantic style.

“I believe it’s the little things in life that carry the most weight and I am on a hunt to catch them.”
— Anya Kernes

Head over to Anya's site here and make magic together.

If you're interested in having us create a custom, hand carved engagement ring, shoot us an email at

If you want to see more of the engagement rings we've designed, go here.

To My Beautiful Little Bird

Inspiration for Rhodes Wedding Co. continues to build each and every time we visit my grandparent's place in Michigan. They had that kind of love that you think only exists in films—that fairytale love. Spending so much time engulfed in their love in a house that was built with adoration and a barn that was worked in by my grandfather, Perry and I are constantly moved by a love that stood the test of time. While we are here, we're reminded of how love can truly take you places and how important that journey is to living a life of abundance. I believe this place is truly something special—and I just realized that Perry feels the same way. He penned this beautiful letter to me about our love, life and all that we create in this sentimental place. 

Soon dawn will roll in, as it always does. The same hands that held you through the night can be found in the cold morning air as a new day unfolds. In the warm light that pours in though the wooden slats of this old barn I will begin to lay my tools out on the work bench your grandfather once used. There is comfort in work, in creating something with these hands. The patient hours spent looking into the shapes hidden within. Hands carving away all excess so only what’s true remains. Shaping each intricate detail, allowing the piece to reveal itself as I look forward to those moments when you tiptoe in just to give me a kiss or bring me fresh picked fruit from the garden. Those slow walks we take through the fields picking wild flowers and making up new names for them. I love ending each day with you in my arms, looking out over the pond as the sun falls behind the trees. I love this time, this place, what I do and I love that it’s all with you.
— Love, Perry
*These photos are featured in the "Tailor Made" issue of Livid Magazine. 

Thank you for following our journey.  We’ve love to get to know you and tell your story. If you’d like something created, reach out to us below (or visit our Shop here).

Rhodes Through the Lens of Bianca Kate

We're so excited to share these beautiful shots of a few of our men's wedding bands that the lovely and talented Bianca Kate captured. She was such a dream to work with and we couldn't be more happy with her photos. It's amazing to see another photographer's vision for our pieces, and one all the way from Australia! We're so grateful to have these images, and look forward to working with her in the future.  

We truly enjoy and feel honored when we get to work passionate photographers who are living out their dream and creating art for the world to see. If you're interested in shooting our wedding bands or working together in any way, please reach out at

Take a look Bianca's work below, and keep in mind that she is available to shoot weddings Australia wide and beyond. Reach out to her here.

And here's a few of my favorite captures from her most recent wedding... 

If you have a story to tell, we'd love to help you share it—email us at

Shooting with Phil Chester in Death Valley

We shot with Phil Chester, the master of capturing lovers + their intimate moments. My heart soars as I see our love captured in this honest and special way. And we had the most incredible time with Phil. He is the kind of person that makes you feel like you've know him forever. He has such a genuine and real presence. The only thing we would of changed is that we wish we had more time with him—to talk music, hang out and share stories and of course, shoot together. We will definitely be showing up on his door step in Portland sometime soon. He won't be able to get rid of us. Have a look at his site and get all warm and fuzzy inside. See more photos from this magical day here.

Holly + Dylan by Tayler Carlisle

We're glad to be part of Holly + Dylan's love story. They chose us to create Dylan's wedding band and we were honored. We're grateful to take part in love all over the world. Have a look at their beautiful bohemian wedding captured by the talented Tayler Carlisle in Lyons, Colorado.

Dylan's hand carved Bourbon wedding band was an honor to create to symbolize their love. 

The ring is such a work of art, he loves it! I found Rhodes on Instagram a while back and had followed ever since! I knew right where to go when looking for his ring!
— Holly

Fall Release: Rhodes Men's Wedding Band, Bokeh

We're thrilled to officially release our new piece Bokeh. Many of our grooms were drawn to this texture from seeing it on a custom engagement ring we did awhile back, so we created a ring that shows off the design in its entirety.

The band is hand carved at 8mm wide and casted in rose gold, but each piece is uniquely crafted and made to order giving you the creative freedom to choose a thinner or wider ring. You can also choose a different metal as we work in white, yellow and rose gold. And don't forget about engraving, it's included with the piece to give you a chance to add a special touch of your story. You can view it in the shop here.

The photos below are examples of what the piece looks like in a more feminine style and width.

Rhodes bands are not just mass-produced, machine-made pieces of metal. Each ring is hand carved in love, with love and is an heirloom that tells your story for generations to come.

If this is the first time you're stumbling across us, we're happy you're here. I'm Jessy (hi!) and that handsome fellow is Perry. It's just us here at Rhodes Wedding Co. — from our website, to the ring creation, to the photography, we are working together on each piece. Thank you for choosing and trusting us to tell your story.

If you have any questions before ordering please email us at We'd love to get to know you + we'd be honored to create something for you and your love.

Hand-Carved Men's Wedding Bands

Lately we've been working away on wedding band orders. We love creating each and every piece. It's such an honor when someone chooses us to design their ring, making us part of their love story.

One of our favorite things about being creatives in the wedding industry is that we are not just crafting any piece of metal, we are crafting an heirloom. We are crafting something special that will stand the test of trials and the test of time.

Here's a few we worked on recently...

Chessa + Jordan: Custom wedding band texture in rose gold  

Adriana: rugged paths in white gold  

Leonard + Ayn: Love Unfettered in rose gold

As each vineyard grows cold

We're thrilled to release our new piece Vineyard's Ridge, one of the inspirations that came out of our time in France last Fall. The town of Ribeauville lies at the foot of the Vosges Mountains surrounded by hills and valleys of lush and vibrant vineyards. We spent our time weaving through rows of grapevines throughout the Alsace region.

Our love is vast and never leaving. Our hope is sloped and steeply leading above hillsides and tall pines, through mountains and cold rain. The fog that settles in the morning holds the pale light softly glowing, among the trellises and tree lines you’re the warmth in every single sunrise.

This beautiful experience led us to create a piece that means a lot to us... Vineyard's Ridge. 

Please e-mail us at if you have any questions before ordering.

Rhodes Love Story: Brittany and Wayne

Here's a story about how a boy met a girl...

From the day after I met Brittany at a ska punk show, I knew there was something special about her. We started talking a little more every day until a little turned into a lot. Our mutual friends didn’t always agree with the relationship and often tried to make it difficult for us to be around each other, but true love always finds a way, right? Secretly holding hands under tables, late night rendezvous, and sneaky sneaky peck kisses at the end of the night when our chaperones (our mutual friends) weren’t looking.

Eventually we got busted and the cat was let out of the bag, they didn’t appreciate it at all, some of them completely stopped talking to us, but we had each other. Next thing you know, years and years passed. Eight of them in fact! We’ve both grown and learned a lot. We went from living with our own separate families to buying our own house and finally doing what very few ever imagined would happen. We got married. On December 13, 2014 we ended our eight year relationship and began our lifetime of marriage together.
— Wayne

We have loved getting to know Wayne and Brittany, following their love story and creating her engagement ring and wedding band. The engagement ring is white gold with a delicate opal setting with a matching wedding band. 

If you would like to order something custom please e-mail us at

Captured Moments: Lara Hotz

This wedding captured by the wonderfully talented Lara Hotz is so intimate that I couldn't resist creating a blog to share it with you. I was so moved as my eyes and heart took in this love story. Watching this couple get each other ready for their special day, seeing them dance and play in the rain and getting to share those special quiet moments with them through the lens made my heart so full. Seeing their love truly reminded me of my love story with Perry. They love like no one is watching, and so do we. 


If you're an artist, filmmaker, designer, photographer and/or visionary who is playing a part in the world's great love story, we want to get to know you. Don't be shy, we'd love to tell your story. Email us at

Captured Moments: Pop-Up Wedding Co.

I was introduced to Brittany from The Pop-Up Wedding Co. through the lovely Lauren Campbell. Britt and her husband Josh created The Pop-Up Wedding Co., Australia's original pop-up wedding company out of a desire to see couples have their dream elopement, no matter what that looks like. They believe that everyone is different and deserves a wedding that reflects who they are. They organize the best celebrant (Josh!), they take care of the legal paperwork (yes, please!), photography, venue, styling, and florist to host an amazing hour long elopement with a handful of your closest friends for your marriage ceremony and then you’ve got a quick photo shoot. Josh and Britt handle everything, so you don't have to. Have a look around their site and fall in love.