The Life Band of Philippa Stanton

I've been following Philippa Stanton's art for her "5ftinf" for years and fall deeper and deeper in love with every capture. She is an incredibly talented artist that not only captivated me with her art but has moved me with her being, her heart. The way she looks at things and expresses her thoughts and musings inspires me to no end. She is such a kind and creative soul all the while being a strong force of and in nature. 

Capture by Philippa Stanton

Capture by Philippa Stanton

We're so honored to have collaborated with her to create a special piece that celebrates her life — the past, present and all that is yet to come. The Life Band represents being in the present moment, in love with life and living it to the fullest — and so much more — a promise to ourselves, and a reminder to make the most of here and now.

Here is a bit of her story and how the Life Band came about in her own words...

Since I got divorced I’ve never worn another ring but what leapt to my mind when I saw your website was that if I were to wear a ring again it should sort of be a life band, i.e.; like a wedding band, but somehow representing a promise to myself; to be married to life itself, and all the joys and problems it brings with it.

A ring is a living, moving thing; it would live with me and not just on me, and I will have to cherish it and look after it, like life.

This ring represents not being ‘married to myself’, but being ‘engaged’ with life and ‘married’ to gracefully accepting my existence within in it…”
— Philippa Stanton

Once she received the piece we had created for her, this was her reply that brought me to tears...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I absolutely adore what you have created...

I don’t think even I had realised what it was going to mean to me; the lines, the marks…everything on that ring I recognise as part of me and my journey as well as my security; those scratches on the table have been made by either me or my son over the years; making things, scoring things, accidents... and there they are on my ‘life band’.

As I’ve said before I don’t wear rings, but as soon as I saw this ring I absolutely knew I wanted to wear it forever ( something I really wasn’t expecting )…you have seen a part of my life and crafted it into the most beautiful thing ever and I can’t thank you enough.

The life band is for those single, divorced or married, as it marks your personal and independent presence in the world and is a reminder that not being perfect is part of being human and part of our journey…accidents and scars make up the whole and it’s important to acknowledge rather than forget them.
— Philippa Stanton

She has created a gorgeous series of posts on her blog about the story of her table and the Life Band. You can see all four posts here...

And if you would like a custom designed life band, please contact us at or you can fill out the form here.