We're so thankful to be able to create something special for so many amazing couples — It's truly an honor to be part of each unique love story. It warms our hearts when we receive sweet words from grateful couples. It continues to inspire us every day to do what we do. 

Lisa & Logan, BLOG + CUSTOM Wedding Bands

“I have never seen anything more beautiful. I truly have no words how unwrapping your beautiful pieces made me feel. Thank you so much for all you do and for making such sacred special pieces that reflect our love and story. I tear up looking at them. The absolutely STUNNING ring you created for me... I am so blown away, my loves. It is such an honour to wear. It feels magic when you hold it. I can tell how much love and passion you put into every piece.” - Lisa


"Robert and I's love is represented so uniquely and remarkably in the engagement ring Jessy and Perry created for us. Six champagne sapphires symbolizes each year of our courtship before marriage. These six sapphires lead up to a single centered pear shaped natural black diamond; that with light, seems to hold an entire universe. When I look down at my engagement ring, I see that universe. That place where Robert and I happened to exist on the same timeline, meet in the same geographical location, and fall in love with each other to the same depths. It's a place where realism meets romanticism; the same place where Robert meets me... (He is my soulmate. I am his star stuff.)" - Heather


"The ring turned out perfectly. It is such an incredible piece! Gets even better the more I see it on Vanessa's finger. She's ecstatic about it as well!" - Andrew


"Happy tears over here!!! I am so in love, it's stunning! I'm so happy I get to spend forever with my love Dakota. He collaborated with Rhodes Wedding Co. and designed the most perfect ring. The 8-prongs holding the sapphire represent a compass and the bands represent the swell of waves. We are going to continue to love and guide each other through this life, and this ring is such a beautiful reminder of that. So much love! Thank you Jessy & Perry for being a part of our story. You captured our love perfectly, and I feel so special wearing it." - Suzy

"That's a perfect encapsulation of the ring and our story, Jessy. We're so happy that we were able to connect with you and Perry to create such a special piece." - Dakota


"It is amazing and so beautiful! More than I could have dreamed of... I am just ecstatic! I love how thick it is yet it's so comfortable and dainty." - Dana


"I am in awe at how special and beautiful our wedding bands have turned out! So much time and love went into creating these unique, custom-designed, handcrafted gems. I especially adore the engraved initials in the band. My band has his initials with an anchor, and his band has my initials with a pair of wings. Thank you Rhodes WeddingCo. I could never have imagined a more meaningful way to symbolize our love!" - Joannah

"Rhodes wedding Co. took pieces of an idea that were scattered in my brain and put together a pair of rings that are more beautiful than I ever could have anticipated.  I cannot express in words the joy on my wife's face when she first set eyes on her ring.  Thank you two so much for working with us and crafty such a beautiful story." - Reed

Jess & Nic, blog + Custom Engagement Ring & Her + Her wedding bands

"Working with Rhodes Wedding Co. has been a dream come true for my wife and I.  When I first set out to propose I knew I wanted to get something which set her ring apart from all others.  She had always mentioned a designer she loved named "Perry Rhodes" who created very unique pieces of jewelry so I sought him out and asked him to create her engagement ring.  Looking back on the entire process I feel so lucky to have worked with Perry because there is not another designer out there who matches what this man brings to his work.  Not only did he create the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen, he created a love story around the stone and us as a couple.  He involved me in the process the entire time and explained the significance of each and every detail by informing me of the meaning of the stone as well as its union with the band.

Because of his excellent craftsmanship we worked with Perry to create both of our wedding bands, he blew our expectations out of the water.  I hope everyone has the opportunity to work with Rhodes Wedding Co. to create their dream rings!" - Jess 

Wyatt & Heather, Custom Rose GOld Engagement Ring

“Just picked it up! It's so beautiful! I could barely wait until I got to my car to open it and now I look like an idiot crying in the parking lot of a post office. I can't thank you enough. I'm in so much awe right now of all of it. Thank you!” - Wyatt


"The rings you created for us encapsulate exactly what we envisioned. Every day we put them on, we think of you both fondly and how much care you put into them, not only to mimic our vision but the craftsmanship behind them is incredible." - Chelsey

Jeni & Guy, Custom "Grade" WEDDING BAND

You guys are beyond amazing. Thank you so so much for blessing us with this lifelong band that will remind us daily how love is built. My heart is complete thank you so much for such a badass ring. I'm so blessed to have found you guys." - Jeni

"Thanks for the great work. Wish I could put one on every finger." - Guy

Matt & Chelsey, CUSTOM engagement ring

"I feel so blessed to have received this ring from Matt, but even more so because it came from Rhodes Wedding Co. I'm certain that I will have more rings by them made besides our wedding rings. Jessy and Perry have turned emotions and memories into a band of gold. They figured both of us out without even meeting us. I suggest if you have any needs when it comes to rings, please get in touch with them. They understand people. Their love for each other and what they produce is like no other." - Chelsey

"I don't think I can ever stop looking at this ring. This is the engagement ring that I asked Rhodes Wedding Co. to make for Chelsey. I don't think I can ever thank the two of them more for helping me make a dream of mine come true." - Matt

John & Genesis, "Autumn Groves" WEDDING BAND + Custom Ring for her

"We got the rings today and they are spectacular. We are over the moon, we absolutely love them. We can't thank you guys enough. We are so thrilled we get to wear these forever. You guys have truly outdone yourselves! They are so beautiful. We are so honored that you made these for us." - Genesis

"We really love our custom hand-carved wedding bands from Rhodes Wedding Co. We are so honored to have have had Perry and Jessy make these pieces for us. The opal is an Olsen heirloom, Genesis' something old and Rhodes made our something new. We will be forever grateful." - John

HEATHER & WES, "Love Unfettered" Wedding band

"It's so beautiful! It's everything we wanted and more. We truly can't tell you how perfect it is. Thank you so so so much for working with us and making this amazingly beautiful ring!!!" - Heather

Carly & DAVID, Custom "Just Because"

"If I had known CD release = PRESENTS, I would have released my album wayyyy sooner. Jk." - Carly Rae Jepsen

Lauren & Shawn, "VINYL" WEDDING BAND

"We are so appreciative of your hard work and couldn't be happier with it. It is beautiful! We can't thank you enough.   Shawn wanted something unique and it totally captures everything he wanted." - Lauren

Sarah & Jon, "Grade" Wedding Band

"We just received the ring and we love it! Its exactly what Jon wanted. And I love all of the little extras that were sent with it! Thanks for putting in the hard work and effort in all the details - it makes planning a wedding, and also spending a lot of money on a wedding, so much more exciting when you receive things like that. So grateful that I found you guys by chance on instagram!" - Sarah

JUSTICE & RONAN, Autumn Groves wedding band for her

"It is BEAUTIFUL. I love it. It's so hard not to wear it already! Thank you for making this special band that represents our love & will outlive us both...pretty crazy to think about." - Justice

Sarah & Kyle, Custom Wedding band designed to look like the walls of the Grand Canyon

"AMAZING interpretation on the walls of the canyon!! All the packaging touches were so wonderful. You guys rock. Much love to you both for helping us with our love story xx." - Sarah

Matt & Carey, His + HIs "Trellis" Wedding band

"We’re not really jewelry people and we could not find rings that we both loved and that felt like us. It was meant to be that I found you guys. We received the rings today and we can’t tell you how much we love them - they're more beautiful than we ever imagined and it’s killing us that we can’t wear them until September.  Thank you guys so much for everything!!!" - Matt & Carey


"I really wanted to give my girlfriend a truly unique engagement ring. One that would tell a story through its design and have a piece of her culture in it.  I had a design in mind and before I found Perry I had asked another ring maker if my idea would be possible. He right away said that it would be impossible for him to make. Disheartened yet still on a mission I found Perry's hand crafted rings online. I immediately saw that this guy had an amazing talent for creating unique pieces that were unlike anything I had ever seen before. I fell in love with the way Perry brought out the raw beauty of the gemstones to make rings that looked real, handcrafted and heartfelt.

I will never forget the day I emailed Perry about my design and all he said was, "I definitely can make this ring for you." He said it would take time, but I was more than OK with that. I know that great art should never be rushed, and Perry makes exactly that...GREAT ART that will be treasured for a lifetime. Throughout the ring designing and making process he created more than a ring for my lovely, but a friendship with me as well.

When I presented my girlfriend with the ring Perry made she could not believe how beautiful it was, and she said YES!" - Bob

Philippa Stanton, Custom Life Band

"I cannot begin to tell you how much I absolutely adore what you have created...

I don’t think even I had realised what it was going to mean to me; the lines, the marks…everything on that ring I recognise as part of me and my journey as well as my security; those scratches on the table have been made by either me or my son over the years; making things, scoring things, accidents... and there they are on my ‘life band’.

As I’ve said before I don’t wear rings, but as soon as I saw this ring I absolutely knew I wanted to wear it forever ( something I really wasn’t expecting )…you have seen a part of my life and crafted it into the most beautiful thing ever and I can’t thank you enough.

The life band is for those single, divorced or married, as it marks your personal and independent presence in the world and is a reminder that not being perfect is part of being human and part of our journey…accidents and scars make up the whole and it’s important to acknowledge rather than forget them."
- Philippa Stanton


"When Adrianna showed me a picture of a custom ring you did with a nice stone in it I immediately told her this is the person who is going to make our rings. They are hand made, which means someone put time and love into our rings. Something that we put into each other. We both love our rings and I personally always getting compliments on it. I always tell people it was hand made by Rhodes." - Aaron

lyric & Nace, custom Wedding ring for Her + "VInyl" for him

"We love them! They're gorgeous and unique, and both of us commented on how smooth and comfortable they are. They'll be on our fingers one month from today! xoxo" - Lyric

Kat & JAY, "GRade" Wedding Band 

"We received the ring and we absolutely love it! It fits Jay's finger and soul perfectly. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey and creating something so unique and inspiring. We hope we can work with you both again in the future." - Kat 


"This is fantastic! I love the close up of the vine and leaves and grapes...the change in texture and images. It's really beautiful." - Kathy

Torrey & Nick, Vinyl Wedding band

"ohmygod!!!! It's beautiful and I'm crying. Thank you so, so much. I can't wait to put this on Nick's finger. Thank you thank you thank you." - Torrey

Wayne & Brittany, Custom Wedding ring

"I used to have dreams about him getting down on one knee with a ring and popping the question, but my dream rings weren't this pretty, making my wedding ring truly beyond my wildest dreams." - Brittany

I was so stoked about the ring's beauty that I proposed 2 weeks before I had actually intended to fearing I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret from her." - Wayne

Tim & BRITT, "Grade" Wedding Band

"My wedding band was exactly how I'd envisaged. The cut and rugged look with the subtle yellow gold made it truly unique and still very masculine. Thank you Rhodes." - Tim

Kurt & Kass, "Vinyl" Wedding band with engraving

"I received my ring during the week and it's perfect! I absolutely love it, and the size is spot on. Thank you both so much for all your hard work and making sure I received it before March. The packaging is also beautiful!" - Kurt

Tiana & James, "Grade" Wedding Band

"We love the ring so so so much! It is exactly what we wanted and my husband doesn't ever want to take it off! Thank you for creating such a wonderful ring." - Tiana

"I absolutely adore my ring you guys made me!! And how personal the package and every single thing was. Amazing job! Thank you!!!! Everyone wants to know where we got it." - James