To My Beautiful Little Bird

Inspiration for Rhodes Wedding Co. continues to build each and every time we visit my grandparent's place in Michigan. They had that kind of love that you think only exists in films—that fairytale love. Spending so much time engulfed in their love in a house that was built with adoration and a barn that was worked in by my grandfather, Perry and I are constantly moved by a love that stood the test of time. While we are here, we're reminded of how love can truly take you places and how important that journey is to living a life of abundance. I believe this place is truly something special—and I just realized that Perry feels the same way. He penned this beautiful letter to me about our love, life and all that we create in this sentimental place. 

Soon dawn will roll in, as it always does. The same hands that held you through the night can be found in the cold morning air as a new day unfolds. In the warm light that pours in though the wooden slats of this old barn I will begin to lay my tools out on the work bench your grandfather once used. There is comfort in work, in creating something with these hands. The patient hours spent looking into the shapes hidden within. Hands carving away all excess so only what’s true remains. Shaping each intricate detail, allowing the piece to reveal itself as I look forward to those moments when you tiptoe in just to give me a kiss or bring me fresh picked fruit from the garden. Those slow walks we take through the fields picking wild flowers and making up new names for them. I love ending each day with you in my arms, looking out over the pond as the sun falls behind the trees. I love this time, this place, what I do and I love that it’s all with you.
— Love, Perry
*These photos are featured in the "Tailor Made" issue of Livid Magazine. 

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