Our Day with Couple Photographer Taylor Boyd

We had the pleasure of shooting with talented wedding photographer Taylor Boyd from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. We love telling the love stories of our unique brides and grooms through creating heirloom engagement rings and unconventional wedding band sets — but that’s just part of this intricate and beautiful celebration of love that we enjoy. We also love working with incredible and intentional photographers to share our story (and theirs). 


Taylor Boyd was born and raised in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, less than a half hour outside Asheville, in a little town that we also chose to call home just two years ago — Waynesville, North Carolina. What a place. We traveled the States for five years in search of home and when I stumbled onto this little mountain town I immediately felt the magic that lives here. Taylor has lived here her whole life and even after all these years, she still feels the magic. It’s this little town that brought us together and I’m sure glad it did.

Taylor arrived to our 1940s mountain home in the morning when the birds were still singing their morning songs. I felt the warmth and calm of her from the very beginning and knew we were going to create something special together.

Taylor offered to drive us all to Cataloochee, a gorgeous valley in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Perry and I, and also wedding videographers Peak of the Mountain Productions who were shooting behind the scenes footage of the shoot, all piled into her car and made our trek through the winding mountain roads. 

Cataloochee valley is dotted with gorgeous historic buildings that we wandered in and out of, dancing on the old wooden floors, playing in the sunlight through the old window panes, and cuddling up in the dusty gloom.

Taylor knew just about everything there was to know about the valley and the buildings that lived there. I loved listening to her tell old stories while we explored the structures, and walked alongside the rivers and trees.

Some of my favorite images are these that she captured of our handcrafted custom engagement rings and wedding bands. I wear about as many rings as I can fit on my fingers and I love how these showcase the unique quality of each and every piece.

I love these words from Taylor after our day together…

Pure magic and a breath of fresh air — The entire morning was spent capturing some incredible shots and building some amazing relationships. Heading into the valley with Jessy and Perry of Rhodes Wedding Co.  and Peak of the Mountain Productions was something my soul needed so badly. Finding like minded creatives in this small, quiet town warms my heart. I am so grateful the universe brought us all together.
— Taylor Boyd

We ended the day by watching the field of elk in grey mist. It was the perfect ending to a day I’ll always remember. 

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I have. Taylor captured the warmth of our love, the almost haunting feeling of loving someone so much it almost hurts, the wild abandon that spills out of our soul, and every tiny, every grand, and every quiet moment in-between. 

Thank you, Taylor. We absolutely adore you. Y’all can follow her on Instagram here.

You can watch the short behind the scene film by Peak of the Mountain Productions below.

We love working with inspiring and intentional creatives and are always open to creating something special with like-minded souls. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have something in mind. We’d love to hear from you.