Travel and Bloom: Aspen & the Rockies

This was our first time going to Aspen. Neither one of us knew much about it besides what we had seen in Dumb & Dumber, so that’s saying a lot ;) We were traveling around Colorado so we thought, why not check out Aspen? “Oh, I don't know, Lloyd. The French are assholes” Here are a couple captures from our trip around this beautiful place nestled in the mountains.

Our ultimate highlight of Colorado was the Rocky Mountain National Park. I don’t know if anything can live up to the day we had there. It was one of my most perfect days to date. We kicked it off by grinding a fresh cup of coffee with our Red Rooster Camano Mill and brewing it at 12,000 ft. Enjoying a warm cup of coffee on top of a snow capped mountain... does it get any better? Well actually, yes it does. Read on.

As we explored this incredible landscape, the atmosphere was dark and cold. The kind of cold that is exhilarating and cozy all at the same time. From the road we saw a herd of elk and I just had to get close to the majestic creatures. Perry let me out and looked for a place to park. I stood there almost face to face with these amazing animals that were over double my size. I was freezing but so enthralled, I could have stayed there capturing photographs for hours. Then the sky went black and it started pouring down hail, sleet, rain, you name it. Perry had just made it back to me after parking a quarter mile down the mountain. I stayed out in the hail for as long as I could bear it. Perry gave me his coat and I made a run for it while he stayed to get a few last captures in. As I got to the car I realized I didn’t have the keys and Perry was too far away to unlock it. I had nowhere to go. The hail was falling down hard and it felt like heavy thumb tacks hitting my bare legs. I tried to duck behind the car and under his coat for shelter but I couldn’t escape it. A man saw me and invited me to sit in his car while I waited for Perry to come down the mountain. I politely refused and just waited, listening to the sound of the hail. It was such a magical moment. It took about an hour to defrost but it was so worth it. I hope you get a feel for this perfect day from our captures.

Thank you for following our journey. If you want to see more captures from our adventures, go here.