Captured Moments: Dan O'Day

When I came across Dan O'Day's beautiful work I was completely transported into each moment that he captures. I heard the sound of high heels on hard wood floors and the laughter and sweet whispers between a couple in love. I felt the cool valley air and all the excitement and joy that surrounded the groom, his bride and all of their loved ones. His work is truly moving, and I know you will enjoy it as much as I do.

In his own words:

I put everything I have into everything I do, simply because I don’t know how do it any other way.

Documentary could be described as the technique I use when shooting weddings. I love to tell stories through imagery – to deliver a visual narrative. My influences in paint and contemporary art contribute to a smaller but just as important part of the capture process.

Since going full time with my wedding business in 2009, I still pinch myself that I get to shoot weddings all over the world and Australia-wide. I really do feel like I’m living in some sort of a dream.
— Dan O'Day

Here are some of our favorite captures..



A few more that we couldn't help but include...

How special are the captures of the elderly couple, Ginger and Pearl? I couldn't get enough.

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