Captured Moments: Lucas & Co.

As soon as I heard about Jason and Sarah of Lucas & Co. I instantly wanted to meet them—I wanted to be part of what they do. We’re separated by the ocean, us being on the west coast of the United States and them being on the Gold Coast of Australia but one day our paths will cross. In the meantime, I follow their beautiful photography and delight in the raw emotion that they capture. Sarah and Jason have the incredible ability to capture natural moments that tell a moving love story. Each wedding that this husband and wife team photographs takes you on an exciting and emotional journey of that special day. 

In their own words:

We believe some of the most beautiful photographs are taken when you don’t know the camera is on you. On your day, we are only interested in what is real. Real smiles, emotions, tears & laughter. During your bridal shoot, we give direction but we work with you to ensure your photographs reflect you as a couple.

To us, raw & natural emotion is pure beauty. We want the photos from your wedding day to tell your story in its truest form.
— Jason & Sarah

Here are a few of our favorite captures...





Just a few more... we couldn't help ourselves. 

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