Travel & Bloom: Antelope Canyon

The first day of our recent road trip across the States was truly one to remember. We began the day enjoying Rusty’s Hawaiian coffee that we hand-ground with our Red Rooster coffee mill. It sounds so simple but to me, it’s all in the details. It’s these moments that hit me the hardest and make me so very grateful for the life we live. Here we are... hatchback popped open, enjoying our coffee and preparing to embark on a new adventure. This is everything. I’m so happy and the day has barely started.

Exploring Antelope Canyon was a surreal experience. We had wanted to visit the canyons for a couple years before we finally freed up enough adventure time to go and do it. There are two canyons, upper and lower. We took a truck out across the open desert to explore the upper canyon first. You always see photographs of these majestic places but it isn’t until you experience them for yourself and you truly understand their beauty. It’s not just what the eye sees but it’s what the heart feels and how the experience expands the mind, all the while imprinting a memory that when thought upon will forever bring us back to that special moment. 


The upper canyon was originally formed by erosion of the beautiful sandstone due to flash flooding, hence the Navajo name “Tsé bighánílíní,” which means "the place where water runs through rocks." Although it was crowded with others exploring it’s beauty (and the slightly present fear of a flash flood), it still had a sense of calm about it. The beams of sunlight that radiate down to the bottom of the canyon from the sky are absolutely mesmerizing. The way the light danced through the canyon was like nothing we’ve ever seen.


The lower canyon was a completely different experience. In order to visit the canyon we had to climb down ladders and stairways. Every step is photo-worthy and thankfully, we had the whole canyon to ourselves. We took our time exploring every twist and turn, remembering to look up and behind us as we made our way. We stopped to take in the moment and just enjoy each other. We were filled with awe and inspiration to create, and so we did. Perry is carving a piece that is embodies this wonderful place. Stay tuned :)


We ended the first day of the trip watching the sunset over Horseshoe Bend. What an incredible way to start our summer on the road.


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