Travel and Bloom: The Southwest

After a long night's drive, we laid down to rest not knowing what was all around us. The next morning we awoke to this amazing view in Torrey, UT. It was breathtaking and one of our favorite places to stay to date. 

After enjoying our coffee with a view, we ate amazing french toast from this little diner called the Capitol Reef Inn & Cafe. 

After breakfast we did a morning hike around Capitol Reef.

After Capitol Reef we headed to Moab and drove through Arches National Park. It was such an incredible day. I couldn't get Conor Oberst's Moab out of my head, naturally. Thankfully, I had Perry there to serenade me. We hiked until sunset and ended the day beneath the beautiful desert skies.

Thank you for following our journey. If you want to see more captures from our adventures, go here.