Captured Moments: Courtney Illfield

Courtney Illfield is a true artist. Whether she is capturing a happy couple's wedding day or a beautiful model in warm morning light, her photographs evoke the genuine passion of the moment. Her captures are unique in that they blend the rawness of each personal moment with a photographic style that portrays high fashion. Every shot is magazine-worthy and tells a special story. We're so pleased to highlight some of her stunning work. 

Her approach in her own words:

My style of wedding photography is fed by romance and passion and delivered in a subtle editorial and photojournalistic manner. It is those moments that words can’t describe and those seconds that take your breathe away that all deserve to be photographed and preserved so they can be revisited time after time and last forever. The combination of my photographic eye along with inspiration from my fashion portfolio allow me to capture these radiant and flickering momentary seconds in a way that is unique and true to the environment and personality of my couples.
— Courtney Illfield

Here's a look at some of our favorite shots from a recent wedding Courtney captured: 

A few more we just couldn't leave out...

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