Travel & Bloom: Bryce Canyon

After Zion National Park we stayed at the most beautiful bed & breakfast in Cedar City, Utah called the Cedar City Inn (we booked through Airbnb). If you're ever passing through, this place is worth checking out. We woke up to the most beautiful warm light and had a slow relaxing morning before heading out for the day's adventure.

I was looking forward to this day the most because we were going to explore Bryce Canyon National Park. Before my grandpa died he gave me a list of places I must-see and Bryce Canyon was on that list. I couldn't wait to see this geological beauty in person. We took a few shots along the way and stopped to explore a bit before hitting the canyon.

Bryce Canyon is more remote than Zion National Park (where we went the day before) and was said to be at least 20 degrees cooler so I was looking forward to less people and better weather. It was perfect. When looking down from the top it looks like a huge amphitheater made out of beautiful rock formations. It felt like we stumbled across another planet. I could barely comprehend the beauty of this landscape. It is one of the most majestic places we've ever been.

After exploring through the canyons we took the 18-mile scenic drive around the park. Along the way we saw pronghorn, beautiful creatures that we have never seen before. They are sometimes called the American antelope. I read that they are the second fastest animal in the world, right after the African cheetah. That could explain why they weren't scared of us. We walked right up to them for photographs and observed them for over an hour. It was my favorite moment. We watched the sun go down over Sunset Point and left the park as it got dark. What a perfect day.

Thank you for following our journey. If you want to see more captures from our adventures, go here.