Captured Moments: Heart and Colour

Heart and Colour really hit close to home. They are a talented couple full of love for each other. Bek and Phil fully embrace their passions and put their whole heart into what they do. We can definitely relate. Their captures are perfectly elegant and whimsical—they take you on a journey through a fairytale. Heart and Colour are located in the Gold Coast of Australia but are available for travel anywhere and always up for an adventure.

Their approach in their own words:

2014. the two of us. documenting stories with heart and colour.  it’s pretty great to be able to do what you love, alongside the one you love most. we’ve fallen in love with the magic that we see in front of us. its not just about taking photos. its about documenting the story. the journey. the heart. magic.people are what matters. relationship is what matters. this is why we believe photos can be so powerful. it frames what is most important to us. our heart. is to capture those at their realest. there is such a beautiful responsibility attached to what we do, and we pour our whole hearts into this. we believe love is created by God to be embraced. enjoyed. explored. and pursued. love. is an incredible thing. photographing love is something great. it’s an honour.
— Heart and Colour

Here's a look at some of our favorite shots from Heart and Colour...

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