Travel & Bloom: Angel's Landing in Zion

The second day of our summer road trip was spent hiking Angel's Landing in Zion National Park. The landing is a beautiful 1,488-foot tall rock formation that provides an incredible view of Zion Canyon. The trail is only 2.4 miles so we didn't think much of it even though we heard that it would be steep. It's a national park, how bad could it be? It's not like it's uncharted territory in Hawaii. They even have chains in place for the last half mile so you can pull yourself up to the top.

Well, we didn't fully comprehend how tough it would be in over 100 degree heat. Not only was the weather unbearable but we were both carrying 2 liters of water on our back. We also had all of our camera gear despite being told to pack light. We're both so passionate about capturing the moment that sometimes we make the moment hard to actually live in. It was so tough carrying all that gear up to the landing but it was so worth it, heat and all.

As we made our way to the top we came across a gal who seemed like she was struggling. She asked us how much farther she had until she reached the bottom—she still had about half way to go. I asked her if she was okay and she said she had ran out of water once she reached the top. We offered some of ours but at first she refused and warned us that we would need it. We still insisted and she finally agreed and was extremely grateful. I was happy to help and thankful to lighten my water pack a bit! 

From the top we basked in the glory of Zion Canyon and paused to showcase the beauty of Autumn Groves with the view from the landing. 

The trek down was worse in my opinion. Here we are, taking a break at sunset while we watch for deer—and we saw some (which was actually my highlight)! Next stop... Cedar City + Bryce Canyon.