Captured Moments: She Takes Pictures He Makes Films

I am absolutely blown away by the ultimate power couple, Lucy & Alastair, creators of She Takes Pictures He Makes Films. As you would have guessed by the name, Lucy takes incredible photographs and Alastair makes beautiful films. They both have this wonderful ability to capture genuine intimate moments that tell the true love story of such a special day. All of the tears, smiles, affection, laughter—all of the love—captured so you can relive all of the blissful details. I could spend hours, and I have (guilty!), watching Alastair's film collections and taking in Lucy's stunning shots. Here is just a taste of what these two create. You're welcome to start swooning now :)

Their story...

As Lucy sat down outside a pub in Melbourne’s inner north, a mutual friend introduced her to Alastair. “You two will get along,” the friend said…

While on their first date, Lucy watched Alastair’s series of video diaries – detailing moments from his daily adventures – and her brain exploded with ideas. His style of natural, engaging storytelling matched perfectly with her own, so she asked if he’d like to collaborate.

She Takes Pictures He Makes Films was born.
— She Takes Pictures He Makes Films

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