Rhodes Love Story: Nic & Jess

Spontaneously deciding to get married on the beach in Maui, you can tell your family and friends later. That is exactly what Jess & Nic did. They have such love and passion for each other. We're honored to have made their engagement ring and their custom "Her and Her" wedding bands. We carved a custom piece in rose gold with a unique natural raw black diamond setting for Nic's engagement ring.

The proposal as told by Jess:

"I had many different plans for the proposal.  Most were grandiose visions of us in nature with shooting stars raining down from the sky as I slowly dropped to one knee to ask.  In reality, the moment truly struck me one night when we were sitting in our kitchen and Nic had just finished cooking dinner.  The best music was playing and Nic was halfway through her meal when I realized it was this moment I wanted to hold onto forever.  Everyday life with Nic is what I love and the adventures only amplify our existence.  I promptly grabbed the ring from it's special hiding spot in the bedroom, came back into the dining room and asked."

A note from Nic, "For the record, Jess got down on BOTH knees."


These two continue to inspire us. They were married on April 7, 2014 at Secret Beach in Maui, Hawaii. 

We were so pleased when they came to us for their custom "Her & Her" wedding bands. A rose gold "Arbre" was created for Jess and a custom rose gold band was carved to match Nic's engagement ring.

Here are their vows in their own words:

People often question love at first sight.

I don’t know which combination of head and heart it was, but the moment I met you my life changed forever. The air left the room and we were the only ones to exist. The beloved city around us disappeared. I thought that feeling would be preserved solely in memory of how we met, but it continues to reoccur every time I see you whether we are just opening our eyes in the morning or one of us is coming home through the red gate and garden.

To you, I once wrote: “I fell in love with you again 24 hours ago. I don’t know if you could tell by looking at me; Unsure if it was detectable in my eyes. It happened. I am humbled. appreciative.” over a year ago and it still rings true everyday. It is a magical experience, being with you. One that keeps me on my toes at every turn. We created something I truly never thought possible.

Jess, you make the world better, my world better with every single day.

I promise to always be yours and to love every single atom contained in you, as it exists in you. I promise to continue on this journey with you as openly and honestly as we always have. I promise to take in every adventure and awe-inspiring moment with you as if it were our first and last.

I love every single atomic arrangement that makes you the perfect handsome amazing unstoppable life experiencer.

Life is a dream and you are mine. Anything you want forever.
— Nic
I see life as a series of moments stitched together to create one great adventure. I have lived for these moments and for the people I love since the day I was born.

Two and a half years ago, I walked in to San Francisco living hard in the moment on my solo adventure and I found you. Ever since that day, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my moments with you because we have IT.

Honesty & Communication. You give me these gifts everyday and continue to show me they are our foundation. You set this standard from day one and held us both to it. You continue to allow space for me to be myself and it is because of your bravery and ability to lay it on the line we are standing here today surrounded by love.

Patience. You give it to me so selflessly. You are the only one who understands in order to love me you have to love my team. You have shown time and time again there is room in your heart for us all. Thank You.

Life enricher, Sexy Best Friend. From conversations about the power of wormholes to blowing my face off with a new Crystal Castles song, a latenight SVU binge followed with a sunday morning crossword battle, you’ve given me a free pass in to your world of unique and incredible experiences. You enrich daily just by existing.

I promise to uphold the standards of honesty, trust, and communication we have set for each other. I promise to flag red on the left & only the left. I promise to honor & cherish you always. I promise never ending life adventures and I promise to let you pack your truck.

I love you my B.
— Jess

Thank you for reading their beautiful love story. If you'd like us to create something unique and custom for your special day, please contact us.