Handcrafted Men's Wedding Band Inspired by the Vineyard's of France

We're thrilled to release our new piece Vineyard's Ridge, one of the inspirations that came out of our time in France last Fall. The town of Ribeauville lies at the foot of the Vosges Mountains surrounded by hills and valleys of lush and vibrant vineyards. We spent our time weaving through rows of grapevines throughout the Alsace region.

Our love is vast and never leaving. Our hope is sloped and steeply leading above hillsides and tall pines, through mountains and cold rain. The fog that settles in the morning holds the pale light softly glowing, among the trellises and tree lines you’re the warmth in every single sunrise.

This beautiful experience led us to create a piece that means a lot to us... Vineyard's Ridge. 

Please e-mail us at info@rhodesweddingco.com if you have any questions before ordering.