Featured Works: The Little Press

We're thrilled to highlight some of our favorite stationary, complete with hand penned illustrations and typography by Rob and Emily of The Little Press. It was a joy to photograph these gorgeous custom invitations with our hand carved wedding bands — the details and textures are so intricate and unique. We resonated with their work as that's what moves us in our creations.

Inspired by the wild oceans, the delicate lace details, hand beaded couture gowns and quiet chaos. We have added a new collection of patterns to our Bohemian Dream collection for all the wild hearts and dreamers.
— The Little Press

A bit about how The Little Press started in their own words...

The Little Press started out as one little hand operated printing press named ‘Leo’, and very quickly grew into something much bigger. We found ‘Big Boy’, a beautiful old Chandler & Price, weighing in about 650 kilos in an old garage near the ocean. He allows us to get that beautiful, tactile impresion into a large area of our paper, with his own two tonnes of momentum. It’s all powered by the treadle, keeping us fit, but also gives us complete control to monitor the printing as we hand feed each sheet.

The Little Press designs start as hand penned illustrations and typography, and once developed with their clients to the perfect invitation they letterpress print them in their studio in Perth, Australia.

As I trace the letters on the delicate grooves and ridges of the paper I fall so in love with these textures upon textures.

Choose from a range of fine hand drawn details to be customized with hand lettered typography.  If you have any questions or would like a quote you can contact them at thelittlepress@gmail.com. 

If you're a designer, an artist of any kind and would like to be featured, please reach out to us at info@rhodesweddingco.com.