Rose Gold Men's Wedding Band, Bokeh

We're thrilled to officially release our new piece Bokeh. Many of our grooms were drawn to this texture from seeing it on a custom engagement ring we did awhile back, so we created a ring that shows off the design in its entirety.

The band is hand carved at 8mm wide and casted in rose gold, but each piece is uniquely crafted and made to order giving you the creative freedom to choose a thinner or wider ring. You can also choose a different metal as we work in white, yellow and rose gold. And don't forget about engraving, it's included with the piece to give you a chance to add a special touch of your story. You can view it in the shop here.

The photos below are examples of what the piece looks like in a more feminine style and width.

Rhodes bands are not just mass-produced, machine-made pieces of metal. Each ring is hand carved in love, with love and is an heirloom that tells your story for generations to come.

If this is the first time you're stumbling across us, we're happy you're here. I'm Jessy (hi!) and that handsome fellow is Perry. It's just us here at Rhodes Wedding Co. — from our website, to the ring creation, to the photography, we are working together on each piece. Thank you for choosing and trusting us to tell your story.

If you have any questions before ordering please email us at We'd love to get to know you + we'd be honored to create something for you and your love.