Infinite | Exclusive

We’ve created our custom designed infinite line for the dreamers like us, the lovers of life, and the ones who are living out their passions.

These pieces can signify the commitment you’ve made to life, to giving it your all. To the one you love, to creating something special together that is yours and yours alone. To your dreams, to taking them seriously, and giving them a chance to live and breathe.

The universe on your finger—you’re reminded of the infinite magic that is available to you.

It already exists. It’s yours, if you want it. It is in you.

It is you.


  1. Choose your hand-picked natural rose cut diamond

  2. Choose from two of our custom hand carved designs

  3. Choose rose, yellow, or white gold


Heirloom. Conflict Free. Ethical. Infinite.

Formed from millions of years of geological pressure, extracted from deep in the earth, diamonds are nothing short of magical.

In ancient times the people believed that diamonds were splinters that had broken off of falling stars. We still like to believe that.

The largest diamond is actually, in fact, a star itself. It lives faraway across the galaxy, about 50 lightyears away from Earth in the constellation Centaurus.

She is crystallized carbon that weighs five million trillion trillion pounds. That would equal a diamond of ten billion trillion trillion carats.

Her name is Lucy.

Like, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles.

Lucy is not visible from Earth with the naked eye. But our natural one of a kind rose cut diamonds are, paired with a hand carved design in ethically-sourced rose, yellow, or white gold.

Wear a piece of the universe on your finger.