The journey continues here…


This is an invitation to get to know us, and when you’re ready, to share YOUR story. We’ll be traveling the globe, meeting inspiring people and couples, writing, adventuring, photographing… and putting our absolute all into creating exclusive hand carved wedding bands for those who want their ring to represent their great love story.

Will you join us?

Through our explorations and in all that we create, our mission is to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest and celebrate what matters most. We believe that everyone has a story to tell about how their love has taken them places, and their ring should reflect their journey in each handmade mark.

On occasion, you’ll get an update when we have highlights or photographs that we think may inspire you. And sometimes, you’ll just receive some good old fashioned reaching out. We want to get to know you! You’ve got a story, and we want to hear it. We’re dedicated to creating and curating content that will inspire and delight… and maybe even leave you a little breathless!

We look forward to sharing stories like old friends.  

~ Jessy & Perry