The Making of: the Rhodes 925 Collection

Since the launch of Rhodes Wedding Co. we’ve received request after request for bands created in silver so we knew we had a new project on our hands. Upon thinking about the man who wants a Rhodes band in silver, we became inspired. He’s an adventurer. He’s an artist. He likes to work with his hands. He is strong. He’s a provider. He’s an explorer. He is living. He has a story to tell. We want to give this man a chance to have something strong and true created that reflects their journey in each handmade mark. So Rhodes 925 was formed.

As of now we have two designs, Against the Grain and Bourbon. We’ve been so inspired through our travels that these textures poured out.


To us, Against the Grain is about being our most authentic self and carving out our own paths. In doing so we found a love less ordinary, in life and in each other. A love that goes against all conventions and theme. A love against the grain is and always will be, ours.


Bourbon brings us to raw land at high elevations full and rich with roots telling history forwards and back, from every which way they choose. Our life and love blooms through each rain, pure in beauty of mind, body and smooth speech. Before there was “us” there was darkness and decay, lost moments and unfound landscapes. Now there is light, a reason to wake.

More importantly, it’s about what these textures mean to YOU.  This is your love story... we just want to be part of it. You can see these designs in the shop here.

Here’s a look at the process as Perry was designing these pieces for the Rhodes 925 Collection

Head over to our shop to see more of Rhodes 925.

For those considering having a custom ring designed, we also take custom orders. If you’d like something created, reach out to us here. We’ve love to tell your story.